Come rain or shine, Trackmobile® still provides the most consistent traction on the rails. That’s why after nearly 70 years, we’re still the number one choice in railcar movement.

Since the first prototype created in 1948, Trackmobile® has led the mobile railcar mover industry, putting over 11,000 Trackmobile® units into service in over 65 countries. Trackmobile® is part of the Marmon Group and backed by Berkshire Hathaway. Today, Trackmobile® holds nearly 70% of the U.S. market share, and almost 65% of the global market.

Trackmobile® difference is its long life span and significant reduction in long term operational and maintenance costs. Trackmobile® has remained the best investment value in the industry since 1948, with many models sold as far back as the late 1950s still being in service today. The average Trackmobile® has a service life of over 30 years with commonly available components that can be rebuilt multiple times to extend its usable life.

Can you afford anything less than a Trackmobile?

The answer is clear, regardless if you are in operations, procurement finance, safety, or general management. Trackmobile delivers higher operational efficiency, lower maintenance costs, longer service life, greater safety and comfort with a market-leading total cost of ownership that can break even in as little as one and a half years. Time is Money, getting it right the first time requires having the right tools and the right parts. Gordon Russell maintains an extensive OEM inventory of parts to service even our legacy models. We understand uptime is a significant factor in operational success, which is why Gordon Russell offers 24/7 on site service support to all of our Trackmobile® customers.

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