What is a low-emission LEAF locomotive?

Where a conventional locomotive would use one large (typically 1,500 hp to 3,000+ hp) diesel electric engine, the LEAF uses one to three smaller, modern, ultra-low emissions, diesel electric engines to provide the power. A computer controls this set of smaller engines for maximum efficiency — starting and stopping each engine as needed for the power required.

More Efficient by Design

LEAF locomotives are also equipped with advanced control logic that increases tractive effort by about 15% tightly controlling the wheel RPM and ground speed. The improvement in tractive effort further reduces the need for additional horsepower. The long-term fuel savings from a LEAF, when compared to a conventional locomotive, can be quite remarkable. LEAF locomotives are programmed to shutdown after the locomotive has not moved for five minutes, thus greatly reducing idle time. Start times for the LEAF are also much shorter than a conventional locomotive. A LEAF can be re-started at the push of a button, while the conventional locomotive engine has a lengthy 30 minute startup process.


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