Developed by Trackmobile, MAX-Trac is a traction control and anti-lock braking system that extends wheel life, and improves both performance and safety. Should
wheel slippage under acceleration occur, the MAX-Trac system automatically modulates the engine to bring the wheel slippage under control. Reacting within
milliseconds, the system controls the slippage significantly faster than any operator. If wheels begin to lock up during braking, the system pulsates the machine’s brakes to provide the maximum braking available. (Note: A locked rail wheel’s coefficient of friction is less than its rolling wheel friction). The added benefit is a reduction of rail wheel wear and possible wheel flat spots that can occur with severe brake lock-up. This option comes standard on the ATLAS models. 

  • Traction control and brake anti-locking system
  • Improves machine performance and safety
  • Automatically releases sand as needed
  • Extends wheel and rail life

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