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Oct 19, 2021 - About the Electrak® HD

About the Electrak® HD

How Thomson Built a World-Class Linear Actuator

  1. Start with the proven, rugged electric linear actuator.
  2. Add state-of-the-art onboard controls, feedback, CAN bus J1939 and eliminate the need for standalone controls.
  3. Boost the power, increase stroke lengths, reduce current draw.
  4. Design it all into a more compact envelope with the best environmental protections on the market today.

Industry-Leading Onboard Controls

Scroll over the features to see them highlighted on the cutout graphic below.

  • Electrak Modular Control System (EMCS)
    • Electrak Monitoring Package (standard)
    • End-of-Stroke Indication Output Option
    • Low-Level Signal Motor Switching Option
    • J1939 CAN Bus Control Option
    • Synchronization Option
  • Built-in End of Stroke Limit Switches
  • Mounting Slots for External Limit Switches
  • Analog & Digital Output Options

Superior Performance

Unrivaled Environmental Protection

Electrak® HD – Smarter, Stronger, Longer

In addition to advanced control features, the Electrak HD offers 50% higher load capacity, 60% longer stroke lengths than previous designs and is faster than the competition at comparable loads. This new, extended envelope of operation also opens a larger range of hydraulic applications to electric conversion.

Electrak HD offers smart design solutions, like built-in cable management, an integrated connector, and a manual override feature on every actuator.

Building on the capabilities of the Electrak 10, the workhorse of electric actuators for decades, the Electrak HD offers onboard controls, higher load capacity (up to 16 kN, 3600 lbs), longer strokes (up to 1 m, 39 in / 500 mm, 20 in for 16 kN) and higher speeds.

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